User of Accounting Information

Proprietor and Management Authority

Owners and management authority are one of the inter users of accounting information. Its used by the owner to know the profit and loss of the business, the proper use of capital and whether the business is being run properly. Management uses accounting information for planning, decision making, control and other business functions. The management authority ensures the success of the business through proper and successful management of the business .

Officers and Employee

The workers and officers implement all the functions of the business.The interests of the business are intertwined with the interests of the officers and workers.Employess use accounting information to determine the correct amounts of their salaries and bonuses to know the profitability and financial position of the business .

Income Tax Authority

Actual information is required to know whether correct tax has been assessed. Sales tax  is determined based on the profit of the organisation.The government can determine the amount of income tax, sales tax, production tax ,VAT etc.Based on accounting information .All this information is very important to the tax authority.

Chamber of Commerce and General Public

Business associations use the information provided by accounting to be informed about the overall state of trade prevailing in the country and to make decisions related to the interests of the members of association.General public is used to analyse whether a business is being run properly and whether the cost of goods is increasing due to inefficient management, In a future cost of goods is likely decrease due to good management. Prospective investors also use accounting information.

Creditors and Investors

Creditors provide a portion of the funds raised by the business. Creditors use accounting information to verify a business’s ability to repay debts.By reviewing the all data an organisation determines whether the loan can be granted . Investors also use this information.Before investing in any company they want to know the potential profit earning capacity of that company.By using this data investors can be sure about the safety and potential returns of their invested money.

Government and Researcher

The government uses accounting information to determine taxes .By using this data the government is able to know the income sectors and expenditure sectors.Researchers use this data in their research work .And also use to analyse the impact of various factors on the financial condition of the business, What is the demand for the product ,What is it likely to be in the future . 

So it can be seen that the use and utility of accounting information is very important . Because it helps a lot in getting a detailed understanding of the business world .

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